Arson in the Home 



To reduce the chances of your home becoming a target for an arsonist and to improve your chances of escaping in the event of a fire in your home please read the advice below:

  • Only put rubbish out on the designated day;
  • Keep bins away from the walls of the house, ideally in a secure environment;
  • Remember fly tipping is great fuel for arsonists – so always dispose of your rubbish responsibly;
  • make arrangements for combustible materials to be taken to a tip by a trustworthy source and DON’T leave any in front of your home;
  • don’t let rubbish build up outside your property or allow bins to become too full;
  • don’t position skips close to your property; and
  • make arrangements for skips to be emptied or removed before they become too full.

Please contact your local council about disposal of bulky items

  • Anti-social behaviour is often a precursor to arson. Report such behaviour through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the Police on 101;
  • make sure access to your home is secure, including any perimeter fencing or gates;
  • Provide adequate security e.g. door and window locks and control access to any common areas;
  • Pre plan a fire escape route with all family members;
  • Close all doors at night to keep smoke and heat out of escape routes; and
  • Keep matches/lighters away from children.

In the event of fire. Get out!... Stay out!... Call the Fire Service!

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