Building Regulations for Fire Safety 


The regulations impose fire safety requirements covering: 

  • Where it is proposed to erect a new building, to carry out building work or to make a material change of use, application should be made to your local building control authority or other building approval body.
  • Means of escape in case of fire;  
  • Compartmentation to inhibit fire spread;
  • Fire-resistance of elements of structure;
  • Space separation between buildings to reduce the risk of fire spread from one building to another; and
  • Reduction of spread of flame over surfaces of walls and ceilings
  • Structural stability.
  • Access for fire appliances and assistance to the fire service

Contact should initially be made with the building control officers at your local district or borough council:

Bedford Borough Council / Central Bedfordshire Council / Luton Borough Council

Guidance regarding Regulation 16B of the Building Regulations (.PDF) which states: Where building work involves the erection or extension of a relevant building or a change of use, fire safety information shall be given to the responsible person upon completion of the project.

Additional information is available from Business Link - Practical advice for business, building work and fire safety.

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