Enforcement Policy Statement 


The full policy can be accessed via this link (.PDF).  This document is supported by other documents required by the Regulators Code, namely our Service Standards (.PDF) and our Challenges, Appeals and Complaints procedure (.PDF).

This guidance has been produced in consultation with the Better Regulation Delivery Office.  This policy aims to explain our approach to our regulatory functions in relation to fire safety and public safety in our communities.  It also explains the behaviours that business can expect receive from us and legal constraints and frameworks under which we operate.

Summary of Contents of Enforcement Policy

1. Introduction

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Authority (the Service) (and its officers) will exercise its regulatory functions in accordance with the principles of better regulation and will comply with all relevant laws.  Business should have a mainly positive experience of being regulated by the Service.

2. Principles

The Service is tasked with seeing that people are safe in case of fire and believes that deaths and injuries caused by fire in regulated premises are preventable, if the right measures are taken.  The Service and its officers will engage and work with business, in preference to enforcing fire safety standards

3. Regulation

The purpose of enforcement action is to bring about improvements in safety and in attitudes to providing safety.  While the Service has laid down procedures for its officers, we will take each case on its merits.

4. Helping Those We Regulate (Transparency)

The Service aspires to help regulated businesses and to work with them to resolve fire safety problems but will robustly enforce where the risk to people is highest and when those responsible refuse to help them.

5. Targeting

The regulatory policy of the Service focuses on risk in case of fire and in places where we will be most effective in saving life.

6. Accountability To Those We Regulate

The Service is accountable for its actions and is open to analysis and questioning of our regulatory work.

7. Principles Of Enforcement Action

A range of relevant factors will be considered before any enforcement action is taken by the Service.  When action must be taken to improve safety, the Service will be clear about what is required.

8. Our Enforcement Action

The Service would rather work with business to make places safe than enforce against them.  When enforcement is needed; we will be clear about what must be done.  Letters or notices may be sent to confirm what business needs to do to.  All enforcement will be proportional to the risk.

9. After Enforcement Action

The Service encourages dialogue and open communication during and after the enforcement process.  Requirements for safety and how to challenge what we are asking for will be made clear.

10. Failure To Comply With Requirements

When the Service makes an enforcement decision, there might be a route to appeal or challenge what we have said.  How to do this (and how to complain about our behaviour) will be made clear.  The service can be contacted via contact@bedsfire.com  

11. Simple Cautions and Prosecution

If an offence has been committed, it means the law has been broken and the Service can take the matter to court.  In addition to going to court, there are other actions that the Service can take.

12. Public Register

The Service must enter details of certain notices (called “relevant notices”) into a register to which the public have access.  (In accordance with the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988).

13. Other Duties Of The Service

As well as ensuring that people are kept safe in case fire, the Service is also responsible for some other laws relating to public safety.

14. Data Protection

The Service will comply with data protection laws. To learn more contact the Data Protection Officer on 01234 845000 or contact@bedsfire.com

15. Freedom Of Information

The Service is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, which provides a right of access to regulatory information held by the Service.  Please view the Freedom of Information page of this web site.

To view The full Enforcement Policy Statement on our website please click Full Enforcement Policy Statement (.PDF).

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