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Fire Safety Standards in the Rented Sector - HMOs 


Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) work closely with Local Authorities and private landlords in Bedford, Luton and Central Bedfordshire, to improve fire safety standards in the rented residential accommodation sector and in particular Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s).

A formal agreement ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) was signed by all local authority partners in December 2010 and was reviewed and updated in August 2016.

The MOU is accompanied by an agreed Fire Safety standards document  that details the various fire safety measures required across the spectrum of HMO`s found within Bedfordshire.

This additional guidance document is based on the two primary guides for sleeping accommodation in the rented sector i.e.  LACORS ‘National Standards for HMO’s’ and CLG ‘Fire Safety Risk Assessment Guide - Sleeping Accommodation’, both can be accessed via the links below.

The locally written guidance document titled ‘Supplementary Guide to Fire Safety Standards for Residential Properties in Bedfordshire’ can also be accessed via the link below along with a copy of the MOU.

Supplementary Guide to Fire Safety Standards for Residential Properties in Bedfordshire (.PDF)

Copy of the 'Memorandum of Understanding' (MOU) (.PDF)

LACORS: Housing -  Fire Safety: Guidance on Fire Safety provisions for certain types of existing housing.

HM Government Fire Safety Risk Assessment – Sleeping Accommodation