Fire Risk Assessment 

What is suitable and sufficient for one type of premises will not be sufficient for another. The nature of the assessment will vary according to the type and use of the premises, the persons who use the premises, and the risks associated with that use.

In each case the determining factor is likely to be whether fire hazards have been reasonably identified, risk reduction and mitigation carried out and residual risk appropriate protection measures (including management arrangements) implemented or proposed.

A risk assessment should be reviewed regularly by the responsible person to keep it up to date, valid and to reflect any significant changes that may have taken place.

The risk assessment must be recorded where five or more persons are employed or a licence is in force. Records of tests on the maintenance of fire safety systems and training need to be recorded in a suitable fire precautions log book. 

There are a number of useful documents available to assist the 'Responsible Person' to undertake a fire risk assessment.  BSI have published a publicly available specification:

'PAS 79 Fire risk assessment - Guidance and a recommended methodology' (ICS Code: 13.220.20; 91.040.01) (ISBN 978 0580 50683 3).  Which gives guidance and corresponding examples of documentation for undertaking, and recording the significant findings of the fire risk assessment.

The Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council, under the auspices of the Fire Sector Federation published a Guide for Responsible Persons.  The Guide provides advice and information when appointing a specialist to undertake the Fire Risk Assessment and provide fire safety advice.  A Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor (.PDF)

For smaller premises; to assist the responsible person in recording the significant findings of their risk assessment we have a proforma ‘small premises (blank) risk assessment’, and a ‘completed example’ together with a simple set of instructions on ‘how to complete a risk assessment’.

A copy of a suggested log book and a glossary of terms that may be useful in understanding the law and risk assessment. 

Small Premises Blank Risk Assessment (Word document) 

Small Premises Blank Risk Assessment (.PDF)

Small Premises Completed Risk Assessment (.PDF)

How to Complete a Risk Assessment (Word document)

How to Complete a Risk Assessment (.PDF)

Fire Precautions Log Book (Word document)

Fire Precautions Log Book (.PDF)

Glossary of Terms (.PDF)

Examples of a Fire Risk Assessment for a Rented Property

Fire Risk Assessment for a Rented Property (.PDF)

Fire Risk Assessment for a Rented Property (Word Document)

Fire Safety School Policy Template:

The following Health and Safety Guidance Fire Safety Policy Template has been made available by kind permission of Bedford Borough Council.

Health and Safety Guidance Fire Safety Policy Template (.PDF)


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