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The Responsible Person

The responsible person for each individual unique, occasional or separate event or function will need to be clearly established and documented, and their legal duties made clear to them:  In particular, and where necessary, the responsible person will need to take account of their own lack of familiarity with the layout of the premises, the fire safety provisions and the duties of other responsible persons within the premises.


It is of fundamental importance to appreciate that planning for effective fire safety for an open air event, site or venue should start at the same time as the planning for all other aspects of the proposed event.

The planning issues for an event, site or venue can be considered in a number of stages:

  • venue design, selection of workers, selection of contractors and subcontractors, construction of the stages, marquees, fencing, (the 'build up');
  • safe delivery and installation of equipment and services which will be used at the event, e.g. stage equipment used by the performers, lighting, and the protection of crew, (the 'load in');
  • effective fire safety during the event ('the event');
  • safe removal of equipment and services, (the 'load down');
  • control fire risks once the event is over and the infrastructure is being dismantled, (the breakdown');

The risk assessment that you must carry out will help you to ensure that your fire safety procedures, fire prevention measures, and fire precautions (plans, systems and equipment) are all in place and working properly, and the risk assessment should identify any issues that need attention.

Chief Fire Officer Association (CFOA) Fire Risk Assessments:

1.   Food Concessions (.PDF)

2.   Traders and Market Stalls (.PDF)

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