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A Guide to Safety for Firework Display Organisers and Operators 


Who is this publication for?

Firework displays typically fired by competent display operators vary widely in their nature and scale, for example:

  • displays held around 5 November attracting thousands of spectators, often run by local authorities;
  • displays held by businesses, for example to celebrate a special event, an invited audience where the number of spectators may be no more than a hundred or so, or open to the public; and
  • displays for celebrations such as weddings and birthdays.

This publication gives advice on safety for outdoor firework displays where the fireworks are to be fired by a competent display operator). This edition provides an update on relevant legislation, training, risk assessment and competence. It does not cover displays where the fireworks are to be fired by people without specialised knowledge or training.

Advice on safety for those displays can be found in Giving your own firework display: How to run and fire it safely.

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