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General Service Standards 


What you can expect from the Fire and Rescue Authority
This document summarises our General Service Standards (.PDF).

The regulatory function of the Fire and Rescue Authority
We work to protect people in case of fire and prevent and respond to fires and other emergencies.  We regulate to protect people in case of fire.  We focus on higher risks and have a strategy and priorities in place to help us do this.

How we work
We want to help those we regulate to provide safety, especially when they want to do so.  We act proportionally to the risk that we see, so that minor matters are dealt with informally whereas serious matters are dealt with more formally.  We comply with the Regulators’ Code.

Working with businesses and others we regulate
We want to talk and engage with business.  Our officers will adhere to established standards and will work with other authorities where it will benefit business.

Helping you get it right
We will welcome you contacting us about any fire safety matter that concerns you.  We look to help before we look to enforce the law.  Our advice will be the best we can provide, based on the information you give us.

Inspections and other safety visits
We visit businesses proactively and reactively.  We give notice of proactive visits we plan to carry out.

Responding to non-compliance
When we find people at risk in case of fire we will act proportionately, taking into account the likelihood of fire and the consequences of fire if it breaks out.  If we make requirements of you, we will explain what we want you to do and will provide contact details.

Requests for our service
When we receive requests for assistance, we will provide as much help as we can and will let you know what to expect at each step along the way.

How to contact us:
You can contact us by:
Telephone: Bedford (01234) 845000
Fax number: Bedford (01234) 845035

Post: Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
Southfields Road
MK42 7NR

In person:
Northern Area Office,
Bedford Community Fire Station,
Barkers Lane,
MK41 9SB

Southern Area Office,
Luton Community Fire Station,
Studley Road,

All contacts will be treated in confidence (unless you tell us otherwise).

Working with others
Where we can, we work with other authorities to make our work more efficient and to save each of us collecting the same information from businesses.  It also enables us to signpost information that might be helpful.

Our team
Our officers are competent for the tasks they deal with.

Having your say
We want you to be confident to talk to us, whether you want help or challenge something we have asked you to do.  You will find us willing to talk about all these matters.  Whether it is good or bad, we want to hear from you.

Developing our service to you
We love to consult with the people we regulate; they make sure we ‘get it right’.  If you would like to join them, we want to hear from you.