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Flooding - Warnings and Advice 


We have produced a leaflet to help you protect yourself before, during and after a flooding incident.

Download it here. 

further information regarding flooding is available on the Environment Agency website.

This Environment Agency provides information about flood warnings and guidance including:

Flood warnings;

Ways to reduce flood damage to your home or business;

Preparing for flood; and,

A flood map and how to use it.

Flood Protection Products and Sandbags

The Fire and Rescue Service will not normally supply sandbags to householders whose properties are being flooded or are in danger of being flooded. Government advice is that householders should make their own preparations for protecting their property from flooding and there is now a considerable range of modern flood protection products available to purchase. The National Flood Forum's Blue Pages Directory gives details of many such products.

Where people choose to purchase traditional sandbags, or the more modern self-inflating/sandless type of flood bags, advice on how to use them properly for flood protection can be found on the Environment Agency's website:

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Health-related flooding advice can be found on the Public Health England website.