Quick tips to stay safe in high rise buildings 


There are plenty of things you can do to ensure you're as safe and prevent a fire from starting: 

         ·         Smoke detectors. Ensure you have at least 1 working smoke detector on every floor in your property. Press the test button at least every month.  For flats or properties with 1 level, it should be positioned in the hallway between the bedrooms and exit. NEVER take the batteries out, if it bleeps change the batteries or get a new one.

         ·         Escape plan. Make sure you and your family know what to do in case of fire, including being aware of your building’s evacuation plan and escape routes. Keep communal escape routes and those in your home clear so you can get out and Firefighters can get in. Keep door and window keys in an easily accessible place.

          ·         Have an emergency kit ready. Prepare a grab bag that you can take if you need to be evacuated. Think about prescription medicines, documents such as your driving licence and passport, spare keys, a mobile phone, charger and a torch. More details here.

           ·         Safety notices for home appliances register your appliances to get any important safety notices or to check if your products are subject to a product recall. You can still register old applicances and get updates. Don’t ignore any safety notices, particularly where they relate to a fire safety risk.

           ·         Keep control of flammable materials and ignition sources (like matches or hot surfaces). Keep matches and lighters safe and secure, turning off your hob or oven after use, and making sure cigarettes are fully extinguished before putting them in the bin or rubbish chute.

           ·         Keep fire doors shut. Make sure fire doors aren't wedged open. Raise any concerns with the building management if they are damaged.

           ·         Who are your neighbours?  Are they young, elderly or vulnerable? They may need assistance in an emergency.

        Download our leaflet here.

        BPHA tenants leaflet  

  For more tips on staying safe visit www.bedfordshireprepared.org.uk