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Celebrating Safely 


We recommend that people attend organised events where possible as these are generally safer than running your own.

However, if you are planning your own celebration, please be aware that fireworks, Sky (Chinese) Lanterns, barbeques, fairy lights and candles can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Our leaflet “Celebrating Safely” (.PDF) provides advice on planning your celebration safely.

Anyone planning to use Sky (Chinese) Lanterns should consult the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Document ‘Operation of Directed Lights, Fireworks, Toy Balloons and Sky Lanterns within UK Airspace’

If you are planning a public event involving fireworks, bonfires or Sky (Chinese) Lanterns please consider all the possible risks and how they will be managed.  It’s a good idea to give details of your public event to the Fire and Rescue Service and provide them with the time, date and location of the event along with a name and contact number of the organiser.  Organisers of events in Bedfordshire should call 01234 845000.

We have produced Fire Safety Guidance Notes to assist your planning:

Fire Safety Guidance Note 26 - Guidance on Large Organised Firework Displays (.PDF)

Fire Safety Guidance Note 27 - Guidance on Small Firework Displays (.PDF)

If you are organising an event in the Central Bedfordshire area further information can be found at the Safety Advisory Group page of the Central Bedfordshire Council Website:

We advise against members of the public lighting bonfires and beacons during the summer months as dry weather increases the likelihood of fire spreading in gardens, hedges and fields.  This can cause great damage to crops, animals and property.

Please follow our fire safety advice and enjoy your celebrations safely.