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2017/18 Budget and Council Tax Consultation

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Authority is currently setting its budget for 2017/18 to fund the Fire and Rescue Service across the county. We’d like your views on whether our proposed increase in Council Tax of 3.5p a week, or £1.81 a year, on the current Band D Council Tax of £91.00, is reasonable.

This consultation closes on Sunday 22 January 2017.

Click here to take part in the survey:

You can also take part if you have sign up to BedsAlert, our Community Messaging System that provides you with fire, home and other safety advice and emergency news for your area.

Community Risk Management Plan 2015-19

Each year, we consider how best to use our available resources  and budget (firefighters, vehicles, finances) to manage fire, road and water-related risks in the community, reduce emergency incidents and respond when and where we’re needed.

Listening to you and taking your views into account when we develop our plans and approve our Budget helps us to ensure that we meet your needs. Our vision is to provide the people of Bedfordshire with an excellent Fire and Rescue Service, and we’d like your opinions on how we can:

- respond effectively, manage risks and reduce the number of emergency incidents we attend;
- ensure high standards of management and continued service improvement; and
- develop our employees and create a safe, fair and caring workplace for our staff.

How you can get involved

We use different methods to consult with Bedfordshire residents every year, to capture public opinion:

  • Online consultation through our Community Messaging Service
    We are developing the use of our Community Messaging Service to engage and consult local people. If you’d like to sign up to this Service and take part in future engagement and consultation then please click here.

If you experience any difficulty in registering, please contact our Engagement and Partnership Officer, Sharon Webster on 01234 845180, or via email to

  • Face to face Forums with staff and members of our Citizen’s Panel, in which we discuss the way we deliver our service and how we spend our budget. If you’d like to take part in one of our Forums in the future please contact our Engagement and Partnership Officer, Sharon Webster on 01234 845180, or via email to  

Previous consultations:

Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) 2014-18.

To see what we did, here’s a link to last year’s CRMP, published in 2014 - Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) 2014-2018 (.PDF)

Requests for Translations

Our documents can be requested in different languages - example of request for translation (.pdf)