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Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 


What is Integrated Risk Management?

'Integrated Risk Managment' is the development of a balanced approach by the Fire and Rescue Service to reducing risk within the community.

This is achieved by combining prevention, protection and emergency response, on a risk-assessed basis in order to improve the safety of the community and also create a safer working environment for firefighters. Also taken into account are the measures taken to help the community recover quickly in the aftermath of an emergency and minimise the impact both to people and the local economy.

The Authority's Integrated Risk Management Plan 2004-2008 and associated annual IRMP action plans:

 Integrated Risk Management Plan 2004-2009

Action Plans:

 Year 5 2008-2009

 Year 4 2007-2008

 Year 3 2006-2007

 Year 2 2005-2006



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