Gas Leak in Bedford High Street  

Properties in Bedford High Street were checked for the presence of gas last night (17 July) following a gas leak near to Barclays Bank.

Police received calls from the public at around 7pm on Monday night about a smell of gas and contacted Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) who attended the scene. They discovered fluctuating levels of gas in the atmosphere and cordoned off the area, BFRS monitored the explosive limits of the gas whilst working with Bedfordshire Police to inform occupants to stay inside their properties while the National Grid engineers dealt with the leak.

Investigation of the situation found that there was a gas leak on end cap of a six inch low pressure main. National grid engineers secured this and made it safe whilst Fire crews stood by to provide assistance. The incident was closed at 23.16.

Group Commander Darren Cook, in charge of the incident said: “The public  identified the smell of gas and contacted the Police who called us at 19.18 last night. We identified that there was an elevated concentration of gas in the air in the area near to Barclays Bank. We worked alongside the Police to ensure the public were safe and kept informed of the situation. National Grid engineers arrived and stopped the leak and repaired the pipe that was leaking.”