Twas the week before Christmas 


What are they thinking? Their wits must be scattered
They can’t even see what lives could be shattered!

Now picture the scene one night in fire control
The phone starts to ring; a story unfolds

"Hello, fire service, how can I help?"
"There's been a car crash" comes a terrified yelp.

"Try not to worry, calm you must stay
Tell me what’s happened, I'll send help your way"

"Where has this happened? How many have crashed?
Is anyone injured? Is anyone trapped?"

The details are entered, the location found,
The right crews selected; their turnouts now sound

Zero eight papa one, zero eight papa two
One two romeo five, to the rescue!

With police and ambulance sent to the crash
The night fills with sirens and blue lights that flash

There in the distance, a car on its roof,
A mobile phone revealing the truth

Another car seen span the wrong way round
Christmas presents strewn across the ground.

Firefighters dressed from head to foot
In clothes all tarnished with ashes and soot

Arrive at the scene, their task plain for all
Too many times they've answered this call

With their orders clear, the cutting begins
Freeing the casualty trapped within

Strapped to a longboard; neck brace secure,
Then into the ambulance to be helped some more.

This one was lucky; the crash they survived
It could have been different; someone could have died

All over the country the scene is repeated;
Of families shattered; of doctors defeated

We've all heard the stories; we've all seen the signs
Why does this still happen time after time?

Before you order another drink
Or reach for your phone, please stop and think!

The fire crews leave returning to base
Ready for any more calls they may face

They were heard to exclaim as they drove out of sight
"Happy Christmas to all and to all a safe night!"